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Rules of Use

  • All garbage must be removed from the Park including bottles, cans, and trash.
  • All picnic tables must be returned to the shelter area and not scattered around the park.
  • No fires or digging of holes without the permission of the supervisor of the grounds.
  • No Fireworks!
  • It is the responsibility of the renters to rent portable toilets if necessary. Primitive out-door toilets are available; however, Park Management is not responsible for the condition of the toilets.
  • Upon departure, make sure that the water and all lights are turned off.
  • You must check with the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department to inform them of what the event is and if you need any permits or other requirements by the county.
  • Please provide the Management with MSDS for any chemicals applied to the property for your event.
  • Special Requests may be made to Park Management:
    Menoken 4-H Picnic Park Mutual Aid Corporation
    Bob Blotsky 701-220-3267
    Shirley Ryberg 701-391-0166
  • Fax Insurance requirements to: 701-673-3326


  1. One day/night event (family camping/picnic event) = $50 per day plus $10/camper/day
    ($100,000 Personal Liability Insurance required)
  2. Multiple Day Events –Weekend Rate (Friday-Sunday) ($1,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance required for the following events)
    • fewer than 200 people = $250 (three day weekend)
    • 200-500 people = $500 (three day weekend)
    • 500+ people = $750 (three day weekend)
  3. 10% Grove Maintenance Fee for all contracts signed after June 1, 2016.
  4. Overnight stays require 3 pm checkout on last day of rental